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Our goal is to generate as much value as possible and we work hard, every day, to reach it.

Every single choice, every single step is tuned with the latest market demands and challenges.

We believe excellence is a difficult yet achievable goal. 

TTS is strongly committed to totally fulfil customers expectations, to assure quality products and to keep on schedule with lead times. The company is an example of the typical small/medium italian firm. And the dimension is perfect to guarantee the mentioned services to a wide range of customers.Dynamism and technical flexibility give a great contribution in business development with representative customer companies in the iron and steel sector. Moreover they provide TTS new opportunities to enter industrial sectors unknown before.

TTS – at the forefront of technological innovation

Testing with a Johansson Saphir 10-6 3D CNC CMM

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Techno Total Solutions S.r.L. Sede: Via Trento n. 8, 29010 Calendasco (PC) - IT - Iscr. n. 252823 del Reg. Imprese di Pavia | Cap. sociale € 200.000 | Cod. Fisc. e P.IVA: 02186570186