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The customer is our employer, it is always our main commitment. TTS’ main goal is to attract the customer and to gain and keep its loyalty for our brand. TTS is focused on the satisfaction of any customer’s technical requests always keeping into consideration the best price-quality relationship; this is the strategy TTS adopts to reach this goal.

We maintain a positive attitude in dealing with new challenges and we believe the professional growth of our employees is directly proportional to the growth of the company itself; that is the reason why we do invest a lot in the company and people development .

The technical team structure is made up of young specialised people, whose know-how in new technologies is very high and older people, whose main task is to support the others with the great experience achieved in years and years of work in the bearings sector. The team of testers is well trained to verify the quality of the bearings during the manufacturing phase and when the finished good is ready for the market. It is always ready to give suggestions to the production sector in order to assure continuous improvements. Whenever necessary, the people in the team are also available for inspections at customer plant for specific requirements and improvements. The sales team consists of motivated people in the position to face challenges in different areas and applications. It is made up of people specialized in the iron and steel industry – the core business of the company.  

TTS – at the forefront of technological innovation

Testing with a Johansson Saphir 10-6 3D CNC CMM

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