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 We think outside the box and we are open-minded towards new opportunities to be leaders in our field.

Ethics and quality are at the base of the promise that TTS brand makes to the customer and a basic requirement for global competitivness

We believe only making an estimation of the real nature of a problem we can quickly and easily react to changes. That is the reason why we believe the full control of the production chain, from the purchase of raw material to the post sales support , is the key to provide our customers with reliable, sustainable and valuable solutions.

TTS – at the forefront of technological innovation

Testing with a Johansson Saphir 10-6 3D CNC CMM

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Techno Total Solutions S.r.L. Sede: Via Trento n. 8, 29010 Calendasco (PC) - IT - Iscr. n. 252823 del Reg. Imprese di Pavia | Cap. sociale € 200.000 | Cod. Fisc. e P.IVA: 02186570186