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Material handling


 The material handling system is a key part in a flexible production process and it must promptly satisfy all the requirements in the production, distribution, consumption and disposal  process.

TTS can rely on technology, competency and experience to offer the best solutions for material handling plants in different industrial sectors.  

The material handling system is a key part in a flexible production process. One of the most important aspects is the typology of the mechanical equipment used for the handling, the stocking, the control and protection of raw materials and final goods. Counter-pressure rolls and cam followers are widely used in material handling and forklift elevation systems for different industrial sectors. TTS offers high quality solutions in the handling systems. Born in the 80’s the combined fixed bearing has been a totally reliable bearing and a good cost/quality compromise from the very beginning. Later on, a new type of bearing, supplied with special systems to allow axial adjustments, had been designed in order to counterbalance unavoidable coupling errors between the components.

TTS – at the forefront of technological innovation

Testing with a Johansson Saphir 10-6 3D CNC CMM

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