About us

TTS was established in 2007. Thanks to the passion of the founders who decided to unite their in the fields of IT, technical design and managing projects.

Techno Total Solutions stands out for its constant and continous improvement that focuses on the needs of the customer.

Our story



Santa Maria della Versa (Pavia)

The first office : One small office where the production is done out of house.

The limitations in project timings and flexibility of production doesnt mee the expectations of the founders, whose goal is customer satisfaction.


Montale (Piacenza)

New office for Techo Total Solutions with in-house production.

The introduction of internal mechanical processing leads to a significant decrease in the response time to fulfill customer requirements with a considerable improvent in customer satisfaction.

But the challenge continues…


Stradella (Pavia)

In order to manage the increased orders, in an effective manner from logistical and organizational point of view to meet the demands of the market and of the customers, a new, bigger office is required.


Calendasco (Piacenza)

New office: with internal workshop, and new machinery. Most of the work is done internally. The warehouseand the organization of the offices areoptimized all to respond quickly and effectively to obtain customer satisfaction.

. . .


Techno Total Solutions’ goal is to be a reliable partner to its customers in order to improve the reliability, efficiency and duration of their production cycles. To reach this goal it puts in place all its know-how in the field of bearings in sectors of metallurgy, iron & steel, motion and machine tools


The high-quality standards of the finished products are guaranteed, initially by a careful checking of the steels and then by the accuracy of all the other processing and testing phases.


Quality for TTS is a key word. The design and production of the bearings for industrial application are certified in accordance to the norms of  ISO 9001-2015 (Bureau Veritas).

  • ISO 9001-2008 | 2011 March 22
  • ISO 9001-2015 | 2017 June 28

We firmly believe in continuous improvement of the processes and that is why our team is expert in applying the Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

Continuous improvement projects are supported by accredited personnel:

  • Six Sigma® GREEN BELT | 2016
  • Six Sigma® BLACK BELT | 2017

LThe desire to offer a qualitative level of product and service sees us committed to achieving ISO 14001 certification.



ISO 9001:2008


Green Belt


ISO 9001:2015


Black Belt
. . .


Since 2007, the year when Techno Total Solutions was established, the values that have guided us are:

  1. Treat everyone with respect, both to the colleagues, people in general and working space where we operate
  2. Act with honestly, taking responsibility, accept the mistakes rather than escapting from it.
  3. Always help one another to optimize and work effectively in self and others work.