Machine tools Industry

The machine tools have been fed by hand, water and steam, but today they are powered by engines. Techno Total Solutions helps to improve the performance of machine tools and spindles.

To improve the performance of machine tools Techno Total Solutions offers a wide range of solutions that meet every application requirement, adapted to the needs of the market and with a high-quality service.

Precision and high rigidity are the main features of machine tool bearings.

Techno Total Solutions knows that machine downtimes must be avoided and that’s why it has chosen to manufacture and market products that can deliver high performance.

Techno Total Solutions as the supplier is able to:

  • offer the service of verifying the correct choice of bearing
  • develop products according to the customer’s request
  • produce small to medium lots, with fast deliveries and competitive prices
  • deliver just in time the main types of bearings, all perfectly interchangeable with bearings of primary brand

Techno Total Solutions quality, precision, rapidness and punctuality

Bearings for Machine tools Industry