Material Handling Industry

The handling system is a fundamental part of a flexible production system. One of the most important aspects concerns the type of mechanical equipment used to perform the functions of movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products.
In the handling and lifting systems, the contrast rollers, as well as the idlers, are widely used in all industrial sectors.
During the 80s, the fixed combined bearing represented the best guarantee of total reliability and the right compromise between quality and price.
Subsequently, the development of bearings with the axial adjustment function has been fundamental to compensate for inevitable coupling errors between the parts.

Lifting and handling systems are subjected to high dynamic and static loads, to shocks and vibrations.

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  • guarantee reliability by representing the right compromise between quality and price
  • offer the service of verifying the correct choice of bearing
  • develop, by design, non-standard size and execution bearings, for high or low temperatures, in stainless steel, etc.

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Bearings for Material Handling Industry