Crossed roller bearing


The crossed roller bearing is made up of rolling elements with an X arrangement in which every rolling element is perpendicular with respect to the adjacent one. The rolling elements are positioned in a grinded raceway with a 90° V profile and they are separated by plastic spacers. Due to this particular setup the bearing can support radial and axial loads with an axial load from both sides and tilting moments. It is also characterized by high stiffness because of the hardness of the inner and outer rings. It is mainly used in specific applications such as hinged joints and industrial robots rotating units (anthropomorphic robots), machine tool rotary tables, medical devices, measuring machines, semiconductor production equipment.

Some application fields

  • machine tools
  • positioning planes
  • rotary planes
  • handling
  • joint of the robot

Alternative design

  • full complement
  • with integrated fixing flange
  • in according to customer drawing
Product rangemm



Min. values709010
Max. values40050046
6037 3d
6037 2d