Multirow cylindrical roller bearing


Multirow cylindrical roller bearing is typically used in the necks of the rolls in rolling mills, calenders, roller presses. Its peculiarity is a lower coefficient of friction.
It is highly recommended in high-speed rolling mills due to the fact that it is normally assembled with interference fit. The reduced radial footprint of this bearing allows the use of high diameter necks with respect to the rolling cylinder diameter.

Some application fields

  • rolling mills, roll necks
  • cylinder presses
  • calenders

Alternative design

  • with ring and rollers in case hardening steel
  • with clearance different that standard
  • with tapered bore
  • with grooves on rings faces
  • with helical grooves in the bore
  • for low and high temperatures applications
  • with seal rings
  • employed in corrosive environments
  • in according to customer drawing
Production Rangemm



Min. value10014080
Max. value140019001360
4011 3d
4011 2d