Splitted radial cylindrical roller bearing


The splitted radial cylindrical roller bearing mainly used in the case of poor accessibility or not straight shafts. Its use is advised whenever the maintenance or the replacement in the case of the traditional bearings would be too time consuming and expensive.

The typical applications for this type of bearing are the pilgrim step type rolling mills, the crankshafts, the cup-wheel excavators, bucket wheel excavators, the rolling mill spindles and the huge ventilation devices.

Some application fields

  • pilger mill
  • crankshaft
  • bucket wheel excavators
  • supports for intermediate ship axis

Alternative design

  • with ring and rollers in case hardening steel
  • with dimensional and running accuracy better than standard
  • with clearance different than standard
  • con giuochi diversi dallo standard
  • for low and high temperatures applications
  • with seals or with protection shields
  • employed in corrosive environments
  • in according to customer drawing
Production Rangemm



Min. value200393,7156
Max. value14001700380
4018 3D
4018 2d